Montana and Wyoming

In September I had a weekend off from weddings and was itching to go back out West and explore some new states, so my buddy Scott and I plotted a course to Montana and then Wyoming to hit two amazing National Parks, Glacier, and Yellowstone. We spent 4 days in Montana having flown into Bozeman, hanging around for a day then making our way north to Glacier near the border with Canada. Glacier is a stunning N.P (National Park) the terrain, the views, the hiking, and the wildlife are all simply stunning. Scott and I camped, hiked and explored our way through the Eastern section of the park, we were also there about a week before the season was ending and everything was shutting down, which kept the crowds low which was very enjoyable.

After Montana, we spent 2.5 days down in Wyoming camping in Yellowstone N.P, Yellowstone had been on my hit list for a very long time and while I feel like I need more time and another trip to truly tick off the list it was a great experience getting to spend a couple of days in the park. Scott and I woke up to bad weather the first day so we drove down to Jackson Hole, Wy and on the way we stopped to check out the beauty that is the Grand Tetons. After a late breakfast, we went back up to Yellowstone, watched Old Faithful erupt, which was very cool and then we went on some wildlife photograph hunts, we saw a grizzly from very far away, an elk from a good distance and a Bison, probably a tad too close. The final morning and day were spent checking out some pretty sunrise spots and cruising back up to Bozeman to fly out, it was a whirlwind of a trip but I wouldn’t change a thing!



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