Northern California

Last July my wife Courtney, and our friends Corey and Lauren headed out West for a 10 day wander around Northern California, a place I had visited once prior but only briefly. The 4 of us landed in San Fran then immediately headed South for Carmel Area, after a few days of seaside living we went out to Yosemite National Park (where I truly fell in love with California) for a couple of days. After leaving Yosemite we spent the next few days in the wine country of Sonoma enjoying the wonderful weather and wine. Finally, with the last day and a half, we ventured into San Francisco to get to know The City by the Bay. Our trip had everything all of us wanted in a Northern Cali trip, Breweries and Beer, Wineries and Wine, Oceanside locales, Hiking, Camping, Redwoods, Sequoias, Half Dome, El Cap, Trolly Rides, Seals, and Sunshine, what more could one want from California really.




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