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My name is Bryan Brough. I am the father of adorable twin boys, husband to an
amazing wife, avid world traveler, wave-hunting surfer, powder-shredding
snowboarder, craft beer connoisseur...and most importantly to you: a
professional photographer.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Photography from
Barry University in Miami, Florida. I was born and raised in Virginia - first
in Richmond, and then the rest of my life in Virginia Beach - where I decided
to start my business.

I love making memories for people, and for me, that is what photography is all
about - capturing the fleeting moments in people's lives that will provide a
way to recollect those joyous, significant moments for years to come...be it
the first dance shared between newlyweds, the second before walking down the
aisle, or belly laughs and cheerful giggles during a family photo
session...just to name a few.


When you are in front of my lens, my goal is to make you feel like you - to make you
comfortable in your own skin, and help you forget there is even a camera
present. My photo sessions involve laughter, goofing off, and having fun...so
if that sounds like your kind of experience, then you are already a member of
the Eyecaptures family. Reach out and say hi - let’s schedule your

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what clients have to say

"Bryan is the most kind and funny photographer! He captures all the memorable moments and we were so fortunate to have him! He will always make you laugh and is by far the best! "

-Rachel 05.04.19


"Eyecaptures photography is an investment in outstandingly beautiful portraits you'll treasure forever. I am very grateful with their patience and talent. I could not ask for more! "

-LeAnne 10.13.18

Genuine. Comfortable. Fun.

Capturing the moments you want to cherish for a lifetime, in a style that reflects you.
Based in Virginia Beach but ready and willing to travel the globe.

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